iPing International Marketing is a Canadian owned, complete call centre service provider based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Our state-of-the-art facility provides call center solutions that include inbound call services, outbound call services and internet contact management.

To prosper in today's economic climate, dynamic organizations rely on accurate market information. It often means the difference between success and failure. Whether it's making outbound calls for qualified sales leads, market surveys, seminar registrations, or receiving inbound calls for customer service, order taking, or reception - accurate data provides the necessary foundation required to take your business to the next level.

At iPing we realize that in order to create a real solution, a combination of quality market information and a comprehensive application is required. To facilitate this, we operate as an extension of your company, with a level of cooperation and flexibility that is exclusively provided by iPing International. In short, our call center will do whatever it takes to make your marketing or research campaign a success.


iPing is a premier provider of inbound and outbound call center services. Our diverse team is highly experienced and committed to producing results through our marketing including up-sell, cross-sell, reactivation, customer retention and loyalty programs that work seamlessly with your brand.

Telemarketing delivered through our well-managed, industry-leading call center is a powerful and efficient way to reach your sales targets and accomplish business objectives. A go-to solution in the toolkits of many marketers and managers, our modern telemarketing techniques complement larger programs, assist sales teams and ensure campaign success.

Our trained and qualified specialists represent you professionally on every call they make, turning every contact into a positive interaction that builds the reputation of your business. Using customized scripts and even accessing your website or CRM, they can help you meet sales targets quickly and in a very cost-effective way.

Our telemarketing service is for businesses—large and small—that are looking to generate leads and drive sales on an ongoing basis or to fill in the gaps during slow times. Our telemarketing services are ideal for:

  • Direct sales

  • Lead generation and qualification

  • Sales team appointment scheduling

  • Market research

  • And more!

Revenue determines the success of your business, and revenue comes from procuring and retaining customers, which start as qualified leads.

We understand the importance of each stage of the sales process and can support your success in many ways, including lead generation and lead qualification. By allowing our specialists to develop and qualify your sales leads prior to any contact from your sales team, you automatically boost efficiency and increase revenue potential. No longer will anyone from your sales team invest their valuable time with someone who isn’t truly interested or able to make a purchase.

Our professional lead generation and lead qualification services are ideal for:

  • Businesses going through a slow period of the sales cycle

  • Companies with a small but vital sales team that needs to make the most of their time and expertise

  • Delivering a steady stream of qualified, incoming leads to fuel reliable sales on an ongoing basis

Our specialists can work from your customer information database or from cold call sheets to create a custom marketing solution depending on your business goals.

The scripts we use throughout your lead generation campaigns are fully customized by you, so you are always represented exactly the way you want to be.

Telemarketing can be used to complete sales, of course, but as a lead generation method, we simply initiate the sales cycle, secure the lead and schedule a follow up appointment or pass the lead on to you to allow your executives to close the sale.

Enhance your corporate exposure by using these very effective and inexpensive, direct marketing tools. Your company can produce maximum impact by broadcasting, and then following up with an outbound Call Center campaign.

There is a reason why virtually every major corporation in North America includes this medium in their marketing mix. It is extremely effective.

When it comes to making sound decisions for your business, taking a data-driven approach will always produce better results—often saving you time and money in the process. Our research and data department recognize that capturing useful data is an important first step in the research process. Equally as important, is the way it is compiled, and the format in which it is delivered. In order to market a product effectively, the target profile must be clearly defined.

Investing in market research and the intelligence it yields can pay off in so many ways: customer acquisition, customer retention, marketing and advertising planning, sales team support, product and service development and much more.

There is such a wealth of information to be gathered by market research that businesses often conduct multiple market research projects simultaneously. A few ideal opportunities to conduct market research include:

  • Prior to startup, as you're building your business plan

  • Prior to the launch of a new product or service

  • To detect reasons behind any time of slow sales

  • As you're building a new marketing and advertising strategy

Operating on your behalf, our market research specialists connect with members of your target market. Depending on your circumstances and the goals of your research and business plan, they can ask vital questions such as:

  • What features does my target market want most from the product or service I have on offer?

  • What prevents my target market from purchasing my product or service currently?

  • What will overcome that?

  • What is the highest price point my target market will consider paying for products and services similar to mine?

  • Does my target market understand my unique selling proposition as compared to my competitors?

  • Is it a difference that matters to them?

  • How do the preferences of my target market vary from region to region across Canada?

Direct sales—over the phone or on the web via live chat—are an efficient and cost-effective means of conducting business. Ticket sales, subscriptions, even entire product lines or service packages can be offered up for purchase in a way that couldn’t be more convenient to your customers, or to you!

Our direct sales experts are able to work from your customer database or a general contact list to reach out to members of your target market. We use scripts customized by you, for you—so you are always represented the way you’d want to be. We maximize every contact so that your customer gets the service they want, and you get the sale you need to meet targets and generate revenue.

Direct sales are ideal for:

  • Businesses of ANY size that are going through a slow sales cycle and need to expand their reach to avoid a drop in revenue

  • Businesses of ANY size that are experiencing a time of high sales volume and need support for their regular sales team

  • Industries that must maximize revenues during a short season

  • Non-profit organizations with sponsorship drives or lottery ticket sales

  • Ongoing sales function without the need for an in-house team

Our sophisticated surveying and reporting software allows us to capture data in a very precise manner, and provide results in virtually any format you require.

Companies are constantly generating market data. The challenge is to utilize this information in a productive way that results in a comprehensive marketing resource.

At iPing International we evaluate your systems and applications. We can then customize the data in a format that you find most effective.



At iPing you will become part of a growing multicultural enterprise powered by optimism. Our expertise and knowledge comes from a wide range of backgrounds and ethnicities, allowing us to execute projects efficiently across diverse regions of our global operations.

Being part of the iPing Marketing International team means a commitment to the company’s top priority: to be recognized by customers as Canada’s premier call center. We have created a dynamic, positive and motivating work environment to help you succeed and grow both professionally and personally. We are always on the lookout for talented, results-driven people who want to be a part of an exciting team that enjoys what they do by making a difference. Working just got better. Join our team today!

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